Plant medicine has the potential to be a profoundly influential and life-changing experience. Beyond its myriad benefits, such as gaining new insights into our identities, healing deep-seated traumas, experiencing profound joy, or attaining clarity on life purpose, Ayatyst is dedicated to providing safe and trauma-informed spaces. 

At Ayatyst, we guide you in understanding your nervous system, assisting in the rewiring of consciousness and patterns.

Our holistic approach goes beyond the ceremonial weekends, encompassing various healing modalities to help you thoroughly embody your intentions and experiences. aiming to support participants in integrating lasting positive change into their lives.

We advocate for enduring positive transformations, fostering a gradual alignment with your soul's purpose. Through this alignment, we contribute to the evolution of consciousness on Earth, promoting harmony and balance within and without.

In our work and retreats, we pay homage to the Grandmother and the sacred master plant, especially the Noya Rao Tree from the Peruvian Amazon. A Tree of Light, Love, and Truth, symbolises the essence of our journey with Ayatyst.

Embark on a transformative journey with Ayatyst, where we offer trauma-informed plant medicine experiences tailored for creative leaders and changemakers committed to living a soul-led life.

Welcome to AyaTyst!

You cherish authenticity, and consistently striving to speak the truth and acti from the depths of your soul.

Simultaneously, witnessing the direction society is heading breaks your heart, recognising the pain that arises when the core of your being is not mirrored.

Despite the challenges of healing, embracing emotions fully, and leading a heart-centred life, you understand the profound satisfaction of aligning with your soul's purpose and having deep and healing relationships.

This journey is designed for those who aspire to be at the vanguard of consciousness evolution, individuals eager to infuse the world with inspiration and innovative ideas.

You recognise that realising this vision demands a leap of faith, trust, and unwavering dedication.

We Believe You are Here Because:

Are you a conscious entrepreneur or a creative changemaker aspiring to be at the forefront of the global evolution of consciousness? 

Do you desire to live from your heart, bringing inspiration and novel ideas into the world for the benefit of all living beings?

"The transformation of our world depends on more individuals connecting with and living from their soul's purpose."

These diverse embodied experiences and a range of tools and practices form the foundation for providing a secure and transformative trauma-informed medicine experience.

I firmly believe in delving into the intricacies of the human psyche, trauma, and the nervous system, approaching it both from a shamanic perspective and through the lens of Western scientific worldview.

Having undergone extensive training under Shipibo maestros and engaging in numerous master-plant dietas in the jungles of Peru, I've dedicated years to embodying these profound experiences. My commitment is evident in my role as a Trauma-Informed Shamanic Practitioner and Integration Coach.

Safety is essential to me, and I prioritise it by personally interviewing each participant about their intentions and background before any retreat. I strive to impart my medicine and trauma-informed knowledge in a grounded manner, empowering each participant to foster sovereignty and resilience throughout the entire sacred ceremony journey.

Above all, my journey has been about having the courage to listen and embody the wisdom given to me by master plants, especially Noya Rao.

The sacred ceremonies I offer stem from a deep devotion and a desire to share the profound wisdom and healing power of Noya Rao with anyone seeking it.

Hello, I'm Pål! I love compassionate truths and have been a deep diver into my consciousness for the past 27 years. My exploration has led me through various coaching & somatic healing modalities, embodiment practices, tantric arts, and shamanistic traditions.

your guide on this journey

The facilitators have been on a long journey of embodiment and have learned from many spiritual disciplines and done several masterplants dietas held by Shipibo elders. The masterplant Noya Rao, with its virtues of truth, light and love, is the guiding principle during the whole experience. Elevate your leadership to new depths, aligning with the highest good and the frequency of truth.


The retreats offer variations of neuroscience & ancient wisdom and practices (yoga, breathwork, bodywork, and inquiry) based on the retreat's theme and each individual's window of tolerance. The carefully chosen embodied tools and practices prepare your body and mind for a safe and transformational experience and integration.


Experience a comprehensive journey with pre-retreat preparation and post-retreat integration sessions. Our commitment extends beyond the retreat itself, anchoring sustained positive change in your life.


Our approach is rooted in trauma-informed principles, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for your transformative journey before, during and after the retreat. We empower each participant to understand their situation and nervous system better and be aware of what is needed to transform safely and powerfully. 

1. TRAUMA-INFORMED & Transformational APPROACH

"Reasons for choosing
AyaTyst retreats?"


Discover opportunities for transformative experiences:

"Embark on a Journey Towards a Heart-Centered Life"

"Thank you Pål and Marjike, for a wonderful ceremony! I am so happy to have been part of your safe, sacred and beautiful space. I have experienced a major shift in my consciousness. Time moves more slowly and my thoughts are less conflicting. I believe the ceremony brought me in touch with my authentic self and I learned some tools to connect with it, not least because I now have a better understanding of myself.

I got this feeling of a higher purpose or path in life and I feel much more relaxed and mindful. The ceremony put put me in a state of deep self inquiery and I had so many insights. My head is still occupied with them two weeks after. I connected with my emotions hidden deep inside and I felt a deep gratitude that still lingers on. Being able to let go during the ceremony was made easier by the safe space I felt included in. It made me accept the truth that I am taken care of by a higher purpose.
Taking part in this wonderfull cermony, engulfed in incence, sacred rituals and inspired singing has made me feeI reborn as a spiritual being. 


"A truly magical and transformative weekend. Everything was intuitively and flexibly created.
A perfect mix of different activities and a perfect balance between the activities. The ceremony preparation was fantastic. The food was really good.

Pål and Marijke created a natural, humble, safe and loving space for us all to land and be in. The love and deep relaxation was incredible. I am so GRATEFUL that I could participate.

I bring with me more clarity, insights and new motivation, which is now supporting me in taking new and bigger steps in my process, on my path home to myself.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!" 


"Dear Paal, I have had the most fantastic and creative week of my life since last weekend.   Everything is blooming, and people behave differently towards me, especially the closest ones.   They are softer, and there are fewer confrontations. 

I have new visions for my new law firm, and today, I wrote a new introduction on the webpage. A text that I have used months to formulate. People (customers and collaboration partners) are naturally attracted to my firm.  

I have unlimited energy, am effective, and get things done immediately.
My mind is clear and sharp, and I do tasks I didn't manage to do before.  My addictions and temptations have disappeared."


What a wonderful experience! 

Pål is a masterful ceremony leader. He has a lightness about him that makes being in his presence a pure joy. He invites humor and creates a safe space for the participants to shine their light and share their gifts with the world. I had a wonderful experience attending one of his weekend retreats. I especially appreciated the touch of luxury; delicious, healthy meals, and my own soft mattress that was my ceremony space. These things may seem small, but for me, they made me feel safe and nurtured. I give Pål my warmest recommendations!

Thank you, shaman!


“I have participated in a sacred ceremony retreat with Pål, and I find his approach very sincere and caring. 

I got to know him and was able to work with my intention a long time before the ceremony. Pål created an open and safe space for the participants to get to know each other before the ceremonies.

The retreat was deep, and it was challenging to say goodbye to the new friends. It impacted me to see some opening up for something that has been forgotten, maybe their whole life. I have participated in many retreats, and this one was exceptional, and I can heartfully recommend participation.

Kristin S

"Dear Pål and Marijke
My first meeting with Aya was pretty wild and transformative. 
She confirmed something that I suspected. Even after three weeks, I still draw from the experience and gain new insights. The lovely natural place was perfect for my experience of being one with all that is. 

Pål was a safe, warm, and present facilitator for me. He is a wise and humble man who leads from his heart. His beloved Marijke also created a nurturing and loving environment where participants could naturally grow.

 I am forever grateful for my journey
and would love to travel with them again. 

Satnam from Kristina

" This ceremony was my first,
 and I am so grateful that Pål was the shaman guiding the journey. 
I also appreciated his thorough follow-up
on the preparation and integration process.

Pål leads from a grounded and connected place of love,
presence and deep spiritual connection.
On the journey, I met fears and shadows in myself
that were painful and scary to face.
Still, Pål´s obvious capability and loving intentions made it easy for me to surrender and stay open and vulnerable throughout the journey.

This journey was undoubtedly a great inspiration and leap in my spiritual process, and I will definitely go with Pål on my next journey as well."


Testimonials from previous participants

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