If you're honing your facilitation skills, a private ceremony offers a valuable space for practice.

Facilitation Skills: 

Those on a journey to discover and express their unique life purpose may find the privacy of a 1-1 ceremony conducive to self-exploration.

Life Purpose Exploration:

Essential conflicts may find resolution through the intentional and private space of a 1-1 ceremony.

Conflict Resolution:

Sharing the experience with a partner or friend in a sacred setting can deepen the bonds of connection and understanding.

Intimate Connections:

If this marks your inaugural sacred ceremony, a private setting can provide a more personalised introduction to the transformative power of plant medicine.

First-Time Experience

A private setting can offer a sense of safety and comfort for those seeking extra support to heal and resolve profound trauma.

Safety and Support:

Reasons to consider a private ceremony:

Embarking on a personal healing journey is a profound choice, and at times, the path is best walked in the intimate embrace of a private ceremony. Whether you seek a haven of safety to address deep-seated traumas, yearn for the sanctity of your initial sacred ceremony, or wish to share this transformative experience with a close partner or friend, 1-1 ceremonies provide a space uniquely attuned to your individual needs.

1:1 Tailored Trauma-Informed Plant Medicine Ceremonies

During our initial interactions, I will send you a questionnaire, followed by a Zoom meeting to delve into your intentions, wishes, personal history, and the ideal conditions for your ceremony. Together, we will outline a preparation plan tailored to your unique journey.

Beyond logistical preparations, I will guide you in understanding your nervous system, unraveling your unique trauma narrative, and empowering you to rewire and transform potential trauma into powerful expressions during the ceremony.

We may engage in practices such as yoga, breathwork, or other healing modalities to prepare you for the ceremony day.

Your ceremony will unfold in an intimate, exclusive, and private setting, with the option for integration sessions afterwards to weave the qualities and lessons into your daily life.

Pricing is variable, dependent on the chosen set and setting, as well as the approach we decide upon.

To explore the possibilities and tailor your ceremony to your needs, please send an email, and we can arrange a call to make it happen.

In a 1-1 ceremony, intimacy takes centre stage, ensuring heightened safety and tailored care for your specific needs.

Regardless of your reasons, my commitment is to craft a secure and sacred environment that caters to your requirements for a private Trauma-Informed Medicine Ceremony.

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"I was going through an extremely intense transformation, and I literally fell apart. Pål held the space for this with unwavering presence, integrity, and again, humility. I felt so honored by him, and held by him, and it was incredibly healing to receive this from a man. It was a gift, and one I feel that he gives freely to all..." 

There are instances, however, where the psyche may feel fragile post-powerful or demanding ceremonies, giving rise to experiences such as nightmares, kundalini awakenings, or states of heightened stress. Many participants find themselves grappling with these post-ceremony challenges in isolation, often without guidance. Unfortunately, conventional therapists may lack a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the plant medicine world, and their apprehensions about collective unconscious experiences during a ceremony can contribute to a sense of isolation for the individual.

The integration phase following a plant ceremony is arguably the most crucial yet frequently overlooked aspect of the healing journey. Contrary to popular belief, this phase need not be exclusively challenging; it can also unfold as a time of profound wisdom seeking to be harvested and seamlessly woven into daily life.

TRAUMA-INFORMED Plant Medicine Integration Sessions


As a certified Trauma-Informed Plant Ceremony Integration Facilitator, Pål brings a diverse array of tools and practices to the table, coupled with his extensive personal experience in integrating powerful journeys and dietas. Drawing upon his wisdom, Pål is dedicated to providing the support necessary for you to integrate your experiences optimally.

Pål offers both in-person sessions (available in the Netherlands and Norway) and online sessions for individuals.

Session durations are flexible, ranging from 60 to 90 minutes, tailored to your needs. If required, Pål can provide additional resources such as practices and PDFs, to support your integration process further.

Your journey doesn't end with the ceremony; let Pål guide you through the crucial steps of integration for a holistic and transformative healing experience.

Feel free to reach out to schedule your personalized integration session.

Following deep openings, it becomes paramount to be met with understanding, seen, and acknowledged for the profound experiences that transpired.

Without the right awareness, comprehension, and care, participants run the risk of being re-triggered, potentially leading to a distressing re-traumatization experience.

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